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May, 2016

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Dancing in the Rain

It’s been raining here for days.  We often play an outdoor movie on the weekends.  My toddler was getting antsy since he hadn’t gotten to play outside in awhile. We had cancelled the movie yesterday.  Today we checked the weather, the showers were supposed to be over by movie time and as it was getting closer to sunset the sun poked through the clouds and it looked as if it was clearing up. After looking out the window we decided to give movie night a shot.  We gathered up our gear and went to set up.  Just as we got there the clouds rolled in and within a few minutes we were in a downpour.  I’m used to the weather being predicted wrong but it was still disappointing.  We looked at each other and instead of being upset just stood in the rain and then we danced.  My husband and I danced, then my son and I danced in the rain.  Then after being thoroughly soaked we went home.  Sometimes when the rain comes you have a choice as to whether to let it upset you or to embrace it.  Many times I have let it upset me. Tonight I chose to dance and also made a friend of ours get soaked with us which also made it more enjoyable.  I hope when the rain comes your way that you choose to dance and least sometimes.

The Artist

An artist can find art anywhere.  Toddlers are artists.  This morning my toddler found art in his oatmeal.  He spread it all over his table and arms and couldn’t have been happier.  I couldn’t yell at my young Picasso because it was so innocent.  But oatmeal does not easily clean up so I needed to tag team with my hubby.  He took the toddler to the tub while I tackled the table.  Although I wouldn’t choose oatmeal as my medium I do wish I would take the time to find the joy and beauty in things around me.  I take many things for granted and sometimes forget how to enjoy the simple things.  I challenge you and myself to find art in something unexpected today. See something as if it were the first time and notice its beauty.  We were all artists once and can be again.

I Broke the Internet

Today I broke the internet. Perhaps not for everyone but for my entire household.  Now in my household that is a big deal. Most everything we do is on the internet.  We don’t have cable so even our tv is internet based.  I had a very grumpy toddler on my hands.  After almost 3 hours of troubleshooting and 2 useless restore points I seemed to have fixed it.  I’m still not completely sure how I broke it but my router and plex media server were involved. Thankfully I am fairly tech savvy and having been a computer repair tech previously I was able to randomly type commands and press buttons until something finally worked. So even though I let my toddler take a nap two hours before bedtime and he is now wide awake and hour after bedtime I still feel successful. I’ll just forget the part about me being the one that broke it and jump for joy in my repair skills. I now must prepare myself for a long night ahead with a toddler that won’t sleep but on the plus side we can watch all the hulu and netflix we want.


Hey it is today. The page is starting to shape up and look like a real website. How about that!  I think of many things to write especially when I should be sleeping.  But then as I sit down at the computer every single idea disappears. My mind goes blank and I stare at the screen waiting for inspiration to strike. Isn’t that always how it goes.  I tried to set up speech recognition on my laptop so that I could “type” a bit quicker. Alas, Windows 10 is too glitchy and my microphones (yes I’ve tried a few just to make sure) stop working so slow and steady, tap tap tap, it is.  For now I’ll have to say that setting up the page and cleaning my house today made me productive.  There is more work to be done but sleep is calling. Sweet dreams for now.

Full of Tomorrows

I am continuously putting off things, I should do today, until tomorrow.  I’ve actually owned this blog for a bit of time and am finally forcing myself to sit down and write.  I have a lot of anxiety.  I want to write but I seek perfection and I am not a perfect writer.  I’ve spent many days deciding what I would include here and if I should start another blog to say things anonymously or lay it all out here.  I have been researching writing and blogging and I could continue to do so forever. I’m just going to jump in head first and own anything I write.  Life is too short to be afraid.  This blog will contain many things: life stories, fiction and non fiction posts, opinions, feelings, links to books as I write them… This is my journey and you are welcome to come along for the ride. We don’t know how many tomorrows we will have so I want to start doing things today.