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July, 2016

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I may not wear a mask or a cape but I am a supermom. Within the first hour of waking my day went something like this:

-Toddler meltdown of epic proportions due to wanting two items his pokeball and his skate gloves, at least one of which was in the car which his dad took to work.

-The dog had what can best be described as a bout of loose stool syndrome all over my carpet, runny poo everywhere, a little here… a little there… a lot in some spots. All while child is still crying over the nonexistent toys.

-doorbell rings, maintenance is here to remove our window ac units since our regular ac got fixed oh a few months ago. So kid running around half naked and house smelling like poop these poor guys had to wade through the mess that is my house to take out three window units. Luckily that took like 10 minutes maybe.

-son has 2 ninja turtles that have weapons, these weapons fall out of the turtles hands oh a million times a day. Today he was bringing them to me to fix when he dropped them, by the fridge, and the weapons slid underneath. There are no hands small enough to reach under there, and it is too heavy for me to move so with my trusty cell phone flashlight and a drinking straw in hand I got onto my hands and knees and tried to fish out the weapons. They got pushed further back. Of course they did. So as the bendy straw wasn’t up to the challenge I grabbed a small notebook and shoved that behind the weapon, and by the grace of something holy, shot those puppies out from under the fridge along with some chalk and dust bunnies. My son then proceeded to clap for me and cheer. Thanks bud, I needed that.

-there were a few other small things thrown in there like breakfast but they weren’t too exciting. I hope the rest of my day is a little calmer.

-I got a hold of my husband who was able to run home quick with the gloves, we still have not located the pokeball, which is still being asked for every 26 seconds or so. But after this morning I definitely feel like supermom, I survived and I stayed calm, and my son is now patiently waiting for me to go have a sword fight so I must cut this short. But I have one last secret to share. All you mothers out there are supermoms and you can do it! No matter what the day brings, you got this. I’d love to hear your supermom stories in the comments. We perform miracles every day ladies. And dad’s feel free to share superdad moments too!

Time to Write


Time to write

Over the past few days I have tried to sit and write and something always comes up as soon as I sit down at my computer. The dog decides to use the floor as his personal bathroom, my toddler NEEDS my full attention at that very moment… you name it and it’s probably happened.

We have also spent a lot of family time together lately, well walking around while my husband plays Pokemon Go. I refuse to hop on the bandwagon. I am a gamer but Pokemon Go just isn’t my cup of tea. We went to a Geek Meet convention last weekend and my son won a pokeball and is now obsessed. Every morning now he asks to watch pokemon on netflix and then takes his pokeball and throws it at me and says “I choose you” which is kinda cute I guess.

Aside from my son’s pokemon obsession he still loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so we occasionally watch that as well or Paw Patrol which is right up there as well. But even with him engrossed in a show I am still not able to write as he insists I am keeping up with the action.

I’ve been practicing my illustrations when I get a few minutes and trying to read some things to improve my writing as well. My son and I have also been spending a lot of time outside playing. He would spend every minute of every day outside if you let him. Which is good.

I guess my point of all of this is not to make an excuse but to admit that finding time to write is hard. I did write another kids book but haven’t gotten illustrations done for it yet. My brain is also in a fog from not getting much sleep lately which is also mostly toddler related. Hard to admit I’m not a superhuman that can do it all. I also want to make sure that when I do make posts that they are worth your time to read so I will try to improve my posts in the future. Anyway that what how my week has been and why I’ve been slacking. What have you been up to? And if you write how do you find the time?

Shed a Tear

shed a tear

Shed a Tear

It is a hard time to be a parent. Children are growing up in a world where people are being killed for their chosen profession or the color of their skin. They live in a world full of hate and manipulation. Lawbreakers can become president. Rich people can rule the world. They are also growing up in a time where rules and authority don’t matter.

When I was a child you behaved in school. You listened to your teacher, you listened to the principal, and you for sure listened to other adults when they told you how to behave. While teaching I had a chat with some second graders and that conversation was very enlightening. They were instructed by their parents that they need not listen to the principal or teachers, that they only needed to listen to their parents. Fighting was okay. Getting suspended was okay and sometimes even rewarded. I knew an older boy who’s parents let him play video games all day if he was home so he enjoyed being suspended. Things have definitely changed. I saw these things in action. I didn’t just take the kids word for it but I found it to be absolutely true. Long gone seem to be the days where you were in more trouble once you got home.

It used to be if you acted out around another adult they put you in your place and told you to knock it off. Now it is no longer that village mentality. If you as much as look at someone’s kids funny you are wrong. Personally if my son is doing something wrong, and I’m for whatever reason not right on top of it, I want someone to step in. For his safety, for the safety of those around him, and for him to learn that the rules apply even if I am not around. We live in a society that seems to think rules don’t apply to them. Each individual does whatever they want because they feel they deserve it, or somehow earned it, or everyone else is wrong.

I shed a tear for all innocent lives that are lost because someone thinks they are better than another. I shed a tear for our country where the laws are not consistently upheld and promises can be broken. I shed a tear for the children growing up in this crazy time. Most importantly…

Tonight I shed a tear for the good ol’ days. The days I remember as innocent. Not that there weren’t always issues floating around but I was blissfully unaware of them. I am trying to raise my child with the same morals that I grew up with but I fear all that he will be exposed to may corrupt them. He isn’t living in the world I grew up in.

Potty Training


Potty Training

When we first decided to start training we bought a potty seat. It attached to the regular toilet. It even had handles and a button that made sound. It was CARS themed which my son loved. What he didn’t love was dangling from the big potty and it was hard for him to get on to even with the step stool. So it was practically impossible to get him on the toilet in time, let alone for him to do it himself. The reason we started with the seat instead of a potty chair was due to a recommendation from another customer at the store who said that they felt the chairs were a waste of time and it was hard to then transition them to the bigger potty it was almost like starting over… Made sense to us. But then we went a different route.

Since he loved the idea of the potty and flushing and everything we bought him a potty chair that looks exactly like a real toilet but it is child sized. He loves it. He is able to sit on it by himself. Although he still isn’t super interested in potty training and would rather just stay in diapers, he will sit on it and read books and he has gone in it already. The best part is his feel can touch the ground making it more comfortable so he will sit there longer with no fuss. So even though he isn’t potty trained just yet I do highly recommend this potty chair and it’s super cute. The top has a compartment to keep wipes in it but he likes to throw toys in there to hide. It has a flusher which makes a flushing sound followed by a giggle sound. The only thing that is missing is being able to watch the water swirl as it goes down the drain but with a kids potty there is no water so we compromise and put whatever he does into the big potty when he is done and he gets that excitement too.

Are you currently potty training or maybe you have some success stories that you would like to share? What has and hasn’t worked for you and your children during this process? I would love to know. We still have a ways to go here so any tips are always appreciated.

New book: Inside the Hole


New Book

I wrote a children’s e-book called “Inside the Hole”. It’s about a boy who sees a hole in a tree and wonders what is inside.

I also did the illustrations!

You can click on this link to purchase my new book “Inside the Hole” to view on Kindle.

Even if you don’t own a kindle you can download the kindle app on any computer, smartphone, or tablet for free. My book is only $.99 so I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! What kind of children’s books would you like to see me write in the future?