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September, 2016

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Toddler Game Review: CandyLand


Toddler Game Review: Candyland

My husband and I love to play games. Board games, video games, card games, dice games, role playing games…. you name it. My three year old has also inherited this love of gaming. Unfortunately he is too young to play most of the games we have. So we have been on a mission to find toddler friendly games. We have found a handful of games that my son is able to play. Today we will talk about his favorite game to play currently CANDYLAND. (aff)

Now unless you have been under a rock your whole life you have probably heard of this one. It came out way back in 1949. It is for 2-4 players. The only thing your child needs to know is color recognition. Which even if they don’t know their colors with your guidance it is good practice to learn them. There are color cards that are placed face down which once chosen will determine where you get to move. There are also a few special candy pictured pieces that let you go to a special spot on the board which could be near the end of the board or back towards the beginning. Those cards keep the game interesting. The object is to be the first one to get to the end of the board.

Playing games such as this help teach your toddler how to take turns and good sportsmanship. As stated earlier this particular game also works on color recognition. As for a review of this game let’s just say that the hardest part of the game is getting my son to stop playing it! That’s how much he loves it. He asks to play several times a day. It is a classic game that kids still play for a reason. If you are just introducing your kids to the joy of board games this is definitely a must have. My very competitive husband likes playing it, even though my son often beats him at it! It is a great family bonding activity. Since it has been around so long there are many variations and special edition sets. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite toddler friendly games are so leave a comment and share with us because we can never find too many games for family game night.

Foosball Coffee Table


The Foosball Coffee Table:

Who doesn’t love Foosball? I had a roommate for awhile that had a foosball table and it was pretty sweet. I have always wanted a foosball table and someday I shall have one. Another thing I am lacking is a coffee table. It’s hard to find a nice looking table with rounded corners so my toddler doesn’t take an eye out or something. And space in my house is at a premium. So finding multi-use furniture is always exciting. I stumbled across this amazing piece of furniture online that combines both foosball and a coffee table into one.

I feel like this could solve all of my decorating problems in one purchase. It appears to have rounded corners so my toddler would be nice and safe. It has a glass top and a bottom shelf so I could sit things on it which is a must for a coffee table. And hello foosball. All I’m seeing here is win. What do you think? Would you get one? Do you have one? Is it as awesome as I am hoping? I have not purchased this item (yet) and can’t review its actual awesomeness but the concept sounds amazing.