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Foosball Coffee Table


The Foosball Coffee Table:

Who doesn’t love Foosball? I had a roommate for awhile that had a foosball table and it was pretty sweet. I have always wanted a foosball table and someday I shall have one. Another thing I am lacking is a coffee table. It’s hard to find a nice looking table with rounded corners so my toddler doesn’t take an eye out or something. And space in my house is at a premium. So finding multi-use furniture is always exciting. I stumbled across this amazing piece of furniture online that combines both foosball and a coffee table into one.

I feel like this could solve all of my decorating problems in one purchase. It appears to have rounded corners so my toddler would be nice and safe. It has a glass top and a bottom shelf so I could sit things on it which is a must for a coffee table. And hello foosball. All I’m seeing here is win. What do you think? Would you get one? Do you have one? Is it as awesome as I am hoping? I have not purchased this item (yet) and can’t review its actual awesomeness but the concept sounds amazing.

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