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The stuff of Life

Full of Tomorrows

I am continuously putting off things, I should do today, until tomorrow.  I’ve actually owned this blog for a bit of time and am finally forcing myself to sit down and write.  I have a lot of anxiety.  I want to write but I seek perfection and I am not a perfect writer.  I’ve spent many days deciding what I would include here and if I should start another blog to say things anonymously or lay it all out here.  I have been researching writing and blogging and I could continue to do so forever. I’m just going to jump in head first and own anything I write.  Life is too short to be afraid.  This blog will contain many things: life stories, fiction and non fiction posts, opinions, feelings, links to books as I write them… This is my journey and you are welcome to come along for the ride. We don’t know how many tomorrows we will have so I want to start doing things today.

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