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I Broke the Internet

Today I broke the internet. Perhaps not for everyone but for my entire household.  Now in my household that is a big deal. Most everything we do is on the internet.  We don’t have cable so even our tv is internet based.  I had a very grumpy toddler on my hands.  After almost 3 hours of troubleshooting and 2 useless restore points I seemed to have fixed it.  I’m still not completely sure how I broke it but my router and plex media server were involved. Thankfully I am fairly tech savvy and having been a computer repair tech previously I was able to randomly type commands and press buttons until something finally worked. So even though I let my toddler take a nap two hours before bedtime and he is now wide awake and hour after bedtime I still feel successful. I’ll just forget the part about me being the one that broke it and jump for joy in my repair skills. I now must prepare myself for a long night ahead with a toddler that won’t sleep but on the plus side we can watch all the hulu and netflix we want.

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