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How to Make Chores Fun


How to make chores fun:

If there’s one thing in our house that we don’t like to do its chores. This generally holds true whether you’re single, have roommates, are married, or have a family. This is something that my husband and I struggle with daily. So we were searching out a way to make these jobs more fun.

I stumbled upon a website called “chore wars“. What this site does is allow you to play a role playing game of sorts. Each chore is an adventure and worth experience points, gold, and even treasure. You will even run into the occasional monster and have to defeat them. You have your own character and you can have a party. Although the rewards cannot be spent in game you can come up with ways to spend them outside of the game for fun. Your party can even have NPC’s which could be children that are too young to participate in the game but you can fill in the chores for them. This can be a great incentive for getting things done around the house. Also if you are competitive like my husband and I it’ll make you want to do chores more. My husband and I both love to play games and this is one way to gamify something that we dislike doing. So far we’ve only done this for a few days but it has made our house look better and improved our attitude towards doing chores. Even unwanted chores such as changing the toddler’s diaper or taking out the trash has become easier knowing that you get points for it.

There are some chores listed that you can choose from and you may also add your own and create the experience points and rewards for those chores yourself. You can create one-time quests and you can also have daily things listed. Now we just need to figure out what we can spend our rewards on in real life for fun such as a massage or a night where you don’t have to cook or time alone or whatever sounds most fun. You can make this into a competition where the winner gets a prize at the end of the week or the end of the month the winner can be determined by their experience points and gold. If you dislike chores but love playing games this is definitely something you should try. I recommend going to www.chorewars.com and making an account. You can participate for free or if you want long term records of what was done you can pay a one time subscription fee. I have no affiliation with this website whatsoever I just thought it was pretty cool and worth mentioning. So go out my friends and turn your unwanted duties into a game.

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