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Potty Training


Potty Training

When we first decided to start training we bought a potty seat. It attached to the regular toilet. It even had handles and a button that made sound. It was CARS themed which my son loved. What he didn’t love was dangling from the big potty and it was hard for him to get on to even with the step stool. So it was practically impossible to get him on the toilet in time, let alone for him to do it himself. The reason we started with the seat instead of a potty chair was due to a recommendation from another customer at the store who said that they felt the chairs were a waste of time and it was hard to then transition them to the bigger potty it was almost like starting over… Made sense to us. But then we went a different route.

Since he loved the idea of the potty and flushing and everything we bought him a potty chair that looks exactly like a real toilet but it is child sized. He loves it. He is able to sit on it by himself. Although he still isn’t super interested in potty training and would rather just stay in diapers, he will sit on it and read books and he has gone in it already. The best part is his feel can touch the ground making it more comfortable so he will sit there longer with no fuss. So even though he isn’t potty trained just yet I do highly recommend this potty chair and it’s super cute. The top has a compartment to keep wipes in it but he likes to throw toys in there to hide. It has a flusher which makes a flushing sound followed by a giggle sound. The only thing that is missing is being able to watch the water swirl as it goes down the drain but with a kids potty there is no water so we compromise and put whatever he does into the big potty when he is done and he gets that excitement too.

Are you currently potty training or maybe you have some success stories that you would like to share? What has and hasn’t worked for you and your children during this process? I would love to know. We still have a ways to go here so any tips are always appreciated.

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