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Time to Write


Time to write

Over the past few days I have tried to sit and write and something always comes up as soon as I sit down at my computer. The dog decides to use the floor as his personal bathroom, my toddler NEEDS my full attention at that very moment… you name it and it’s probably happened.

We have also spent a lot of family time together lately, well walking around while my husband plays Pokemon Go. I refuse to hop on the bandwagon. I am a gamer but Pokemon Go just isn’t my cup of tea. We went to a Geek Meet convention last weekend and my son won a pokeball and is now obsessed. Every morning now he asks to watch pokemon on netflix and then takes his pokeball and throws it at me and says “I choose you” which is kinda cute I guess.

Aside from my son’s pokemon obsession he still loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so we occasionally watch that as well or Paw Patrol which is right up there as well. But even with him engrossed in a show I am still not able to write as he insists I am keeping up with the action.

I’ve been practicing my illustrations when I get a few minutes and trying to read some things to improve my writing as well. My son and I have also been spending a lot of time outside playing. He would spend every minute of every day outside if you let him. Which is good.

I guess my point of all of this is not to make an excuse but to admit that finding time to write is hard. I did write another kids book but haven’t gotten illustrations done for it yet. My brain is also in a fog from not getting much sleep lately which is also mostly toddler related. Hard to admit I’m not a superhuman that can do it all. I also want to make sure that when I do make posts that they are worth your time to read so I will try to improve my posts in the future. Anyway that what how my week has been and why I’ve been slacking. What have you been up to? And if you write how do you find the time?

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