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Using an indoor Antenna

So about 2 years ago my family cut cable.  We use a Roku, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Plex to watch tv.  We also have a Leaf Antenna.  We don’t watch the antenna much mainly because we forget about it.  I’ve been wanting to watch some game shows and none of my tv options play game shows.  So after rearranging the living room today I spent several hours playing with the antenna.  I know I know I’m supposed to be tech savvy, Attach a coax cable to the antenna and then to the tv… ah if only it were that simple.  Once it is connected you must then find the place in the room that gets the best reception and believe it or not a few inches can make the difference between getting a channel and not getting a channel.  I wanted to get FOX, I live close enough to the city that that should not be a problem. Put it by the window of course there is a giant tree outside which didn’t help matters, got 24 channels to come in. Moved it 3 inches over, still at the window, got 32 channels but still not FOX.  Went online to find our which direction the tower broadcasts from so I could try to aim in that direction.  That direction was on the other side of the house so I moved it closer to that side. First got about 29 channels still no FOX… moved it more as far as the cable would go in that direction and the signal strength for everything was getting very weak and still no FOX.  So I figured I’d go back over where I started to get the most channels even if I didn’t get the one that I wanted.  This time I moved it about 2 feet further than it was originally.  I got 30 channels and all be darned if Fox wasn’t one of them. So I nailed that thing to the ceiling and at least today the signal strength is good and I have the channel I want. So if your signal isn’t good, move that thing a few inches to the left, then to the right, up a little, down a little, oops too far, go back, re-scan, ok looking good, oh shoot you dropped it… do it all again.. find that sweet spot, there it is, somebody give me tape, a nail, a hammer, super glue… something. There it is, signal 65% video good, audio good, and my show was over half an hour ago…

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