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Warcraft for the Horde


For my birthday I watched the Warcraft movie.  I was an avid player of the World of Warcraft. I played that game for many years. I was even the guild master of a raiding guild. I however did not play the original Warcraft games. My husband has since shown me those games though. I understand that some of the Lore changed in the movie. Since I didn’t play the game before I had to look up some of the back story.  Although it appeared to be a flop in the United States Warcraft actually did very well in the box office worldwide.

View the Wired article here: http://www.wired.com/2016/06/warcraft-and-the-future-of-blockbusters/

Which excites me I hope that there will be a sequel. I thought the graphics were very well done. I feel like anyone who likes fantasy would like the movie even if they weren’t familiar with the games or the books. They spent a lot of time on detail in small things like even hair on the characters was very noticeable. It was very nostalgic for me to see some of the things that I was familiar with in a more real-life setting. It almost made me want to go back and play the game some more. Warcraft takes place before the World of Warcraft but it’s in the same world and there are a lot of similarities and you are introduced to a lot of the parts of the game. And as a bonus the theater I went to had reclining seats which made my experience even better. Recently I’ve been a little busy and haven’t been doing much gaming. I did however watch the E3 2016 coverage from this weekend. A lot of promising games seem to be coming out in the near future. One of my favorite franchises is Zelda so I was excited to see the gameplay demo for that one. It looked like Nintendo really decked out their booth which was cool.  I also saw demos of virtual-reality. It’s amazing how far things have advanced since my childhood. Even the movie Warcraft I watched in 3-D. I don’t know if I’ll go back to playing WoW but I give the movie a thumbs up. And I learned that my son is baby Thrall incarnate. “For the Horde”

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