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Skylanders: The Latest Obsession

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My son is three and when he decides he likes something he becomes obsessed with it. His latest obsession is The Skylanders or as his best friend calls them “sky-lanterns”. He watches the show on netflix, plays the video games, has the board game, and pajamas… He will even just play with the figures themselves.  He has gotten very adept at playing the video game. His hand eye coordination has grown immensely in the past couple of months since learning to play the game.

You may say why are you letting him play video games… he is only 3. Well, he has had a kindle for some time and played educational games up to this point. He loves any type of game we play board and video games a lot as a family and it is a good bonding time between him and his father. They look for new figures when they go to the store and love creating their own with the Imaginators expansion. There are so many customization options and my son goes in several times to change stuff up on his characters.

Even though he loves games he also loves being outside so much of his time is spent doing things outside like jumping on his trampoline. But he often tries to sneak a Skylander or two out with him to play.

Being as he is a toddler his obsessions are fleeting and I’m sure before long he will move on to something else. But I will say as far as games for children go I do like the Skylanders series. There are various versions and we have a few of them but his favorite is the Imaginators. If you are a gaming family it may be something to look into. It is available for all of the major gaming systems. You buy characters which go onto a portal and then appear in the game. He loves being able to pick which character he is going to be and can change his character at any time which is pretty awesome.  It is similar to Disney Infinity. The board game that we have is quite fun as well.

Does your child have an “obsession?” feel free to let me know about it. Also if you have any family game recommendations feel free to share those as well.

2 Comments to Skylanders: The Latest Obsession

  1. Jen says:

    My son is currently obsessed with Lego games. We’ve been building our Lego Dimensions game by adding a bunch of new characters at Christmas. We also really love playing the Lego games for PS3. They’re really nice because our five year old can wander around and do missions to his hearts content. Even if he loses all of his life, he just respawns right where he left off. This eliminates a lot of the frustration that he gets with other video games. We also have lots of Lego bricks and pieces so he can build to his heart’s (and imagination’s) content! The only downfall are the constant foot injuries from missed bricks. Ouch!

    • Holly says:

      My son loves legos. The foot injuries are no joke. Bruises all around. We have a few of the Lego games for Playstation ironically he has never played them I may have to remedy that. We do not have Lego Dimensions but I think he might enjoy the other ones that we do have. He has been teaching his friend how to play Skylanders it is very entertaining to watch.

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