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I may not wear a mask or a cape but I am a supermom. Within the first hour of waking my day went something like this:

-Toddler meltdown of epic proportions due to wanting two items his pokeball and his skate gloves, at least one of which was in the car which his dad took to work.

-The dog had what can best be described as a bout of loose stool syndrome all over my carpet, runny poo everywhere, a little here… a little there… a lot in some spots. All while child is still crying over the nonexistent toys.

-doorbell rings, maintenance is here to remove our window ac units since our regular ac got fixed oh a few months ago. So kid running around half naked and house smelling like poop these poor guys had to wade through the mess that is my house to take out three window units. Luckily that took like 10 minutes maybe.

-son has 2 ninja turtles that have weapons, these weapons fall out of the turtles hands oh a million times a day. Today he was bringing them to me to fix when he dropped them, by the fridge, and the weapons slid underneath. There are no hands small enough to reach under there, and it is too heavy for me to move so with my trusty cell phone flashlight and a drinking straw in hand I got onto my hands and knees and tried to fish out the weapons. They got pushed further back. Of course they did. So as the bendy straw wasn’t up to the challenge I grabbed a small notebook and shoved that behind the weapon, and by the grace of something holy, shot those puppies out from under the fridge along with some chalk and dust bunnies. My son then proceeded to clap for me and cheer. Thanks bud, I needed that.

-there were a few other small things thrown in there like breakfast but they weren’t too exciting. I hope the rest of my day is a little calmer.

-I got a hold of my husband who was able to run home quick with the gloves, we still have not located the pokeball, which is still being asked for every 26 seconds or so. But after this morning I definitely feel like supermom, I survived and I stayed calm, and my son is now patiently waiting for me to go have a sword fight so I must cut this short. But I have one last secret to share. All you mothers out there are supermoms and you can do it! No matter what the day brings, you got this. I’d love to hear your supermom stories in the comments. We perform miracles every day ladies. And dad’s feel free to share superdad moments too!

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